"Many of us remember 'Cycling Proficiency' from when we were at school. Sadly, few schools now have the time or funding to expose their children to this and that's where PTR come in." - Put Things Right Chairman (Ben Marshall)

Although some schools take part in the national program 'Bikeability', well over half the local schools have not ran the programme in the last two years.

Put Things Right are currently developing a Cycle Safety Programme that is specifically targeted at children and young people in this community.

The programme will be delivered by a qualified, experienced instructor and will contain the normal 'Cycle Safety' points as well as a video module tailored to the local area, highlighting hazardous spots as well as the harsh reality of what can happen if children ignore the advice and safety training that they've had.

"It's our hope that seeing their own community in the video will hammer home the reality of this life or death issue" - Jon Raynor

Through the fundraising activities that Put Things Right have and continue to do, the entire programme will be given to the schools at no cost.